Alpha Botanical Air RX Mission Statement

NASA Research shows that house plants remove indoor pollutants from the air your family breathes allowing for a healthier indoor environment.

The research suggests that to help reduce toxic levels within your living/personal space:

Approximately 1 plant for every 100 sqft

  • The typical apartment requires 10 to 15 house plants
  • The typical family home requires 15 or more depending on the size

Did you know?

  • The air in your home contains harmful pollutants produced by common indoor objects
  • These pollutants cause allergies, asthma, fatigue and headaches among many other symptoms
  • Expensive HEPA Air filters are not designed to remove the common Toxic Gases found in your home
  • Plants are a natural purifier of the air in your home and are known to clean the MAJORITY of common Toxic Gases
  • Toxic Gases include: Formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide & Benzene

The Alpha Botanical Air Rx Campaign has a single goal,educating the average person on ways to stay healthy in the healthiest way possible.

  • Defining Sick Building Syndrome and ways to fight it.
  • Educating the consumer on toxins that emanatefrom the structural components of thehome as well those that are introduced by every day purchases brought into the home.
  • Providing the knowledge needed to understand how plants will clean your personal environment at home and at work.
  • News & studies that demonstrate the beneficial effects of house plants